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Simics-Full System Simulator

Wind  River  Simics  is  a  fast,  functionally-accurate,  full  system  simulator.  Simics  creates  a high-performance  virtual  environment  in  which  any  electronic  system  -  from  a  single board   to   complex,   heterogeneous,   multi-board,   multi-processor,   multicore   systems   - can   be   defined,   developed   and   deployed.   Using   Simics,   software   developers   can execute    and    debug    their    target    software    stack,    from    hypervisor    to    application.


Simics   enables   companies   to   adopt   new   approaches   to   the   product   development   life cycle  resulting  in  dramatic  reduction  in  project  risks,  time  to  market,  and  development costs  while  also  improving  product  quality  and  engineering  efficiency.  Simics  allows engineering,            integration   and   test   teams   to   use   approaches   and   techniques   that   are simply not possible on physical hardware.

Simics can simulate any digital system including a basic CPU + memory, a custom FPGA or ASIC, an individual board, or a rack full of boards. Large, complex, mixed architecture systems can be modeled with off-the-shelf support for several processor families (e.g. ARM, Intel, MIPS, PowerPC, Tensilica, and TI DSP), hundreds of IO devices, and standard communications, backplane and network protocols.

Simics allows us to teach device driver programming with a less painstaking process than with real hardware. Moreover, it allows us to take measurements, like for example interrupt latency, to show important concepts that would be more difficult to understand with real hardware.

Simics virtual platforms can be as complex or as simple as your actual physical hardware. They can contain multi-core processors, multiple processor boards, or multiple-board systems. This provides the ability to debug your system as a whole, instead of just debugging individual pieces. Simics virtual platforms can contain a mix of different target hardware architectures, including mixed endian architectures. Simics virtual platforms eliminate problems associated with using physical hardware for product development such as limited target availability, flaky prototype hardware, and hardware delays.


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