HIL uGrid DSP Interface

Typhoon HIL μGrid DSP Interface

The Typhoon HIL DSP Interface for microgrid application, specially built for the C2000 family of Texas Instruments DSP DIM100 cards is the solution if you want to accelerate the development of multi-converter power electronics applications. Whether you are interested in paralleling, or microgrid energy storage control strategies developers can now focus on DSP control code development and hierarchical control and communications for microgrids. Rapidly speed up the setup time by porting a Typhoon example code into DSPs and continue building more complex applications based on existing code examples.

Dynamically reconfigurable GUI interface for TI DSP apps.

The Control Panel app supports a dynamically reconfigurable (depending on the control application) and easy to use graphical user interface (GUI) enabling run-time interaction with all three control applications. TI Control Panel communicates through RS232 serial link with all three DSP controllers. User can quickly evaluate the corresponding (Typhoon HIL demo or any TI free example C2000 code) power electronics applications emulated on the HIL system.