MicroGrid Testbed

About Typhoon HIL Microgrid

Why HIL Microgrid Testbed?
A Microgrid Testbed is a collection of HIL devices with integrated protection relays, microgrid controllers and controllers of solar inverters, battery inverters, diesel gensets and fuel cells.

What is the purpose of the Microgrid Testbed?
The main purpose of the Microgrid Testbed is to comprehensively test controller’s hardware, firmware, software and communications under all operating conditions including faults in both the islanded and grid-connected mode.

Moreover, Microgrid Testbed can perform all its tests and generate its test reports also in the fully automatic mode, thus boosting the productivity and improving test coverage even further.

How does the C-HIL Microgrid Testbed work?
DER and distribution system hardware models comprising smart inverter hardware, PV panels, batteries, transformers, generators, switches, cables, active and passive loads etc. are running inside a HIL device with a 1 μs time step. Smart inverter controllers control the operation of smart inverter models. Relays control the protective switches and microgrid controllers provide the overall supervisory control.

In other words the Microgrid Testbed has identical control system as a real microgrid, only the power hardware is digitized within the HIL devices.

Monitor your microgrid operation via SCADA

The Microgrid Testbed has an integrated HIL SCADA which allows you to monitor all functions of your simulated microgrid, to interact with hardware control components and to use their communication infrastructure.