Typhoon HIL 402

Typhoon HIL402

Industry’s first notebook size Hardware-in-the-Loop system.

Completely new hardware

HIL test, and HIL certify your power electronics controllers with the industry leading hardware-in-the-loop system: HIL402.

This compact, extremely powerful, 4-core HIL will give you all the tools you need to test your power electronics controllers in a wide range of applications: solar and wind power generation, battery storage, power quality and motor drives.

Run your controllers in real time with 20 ns PWM resolution, in closed loop with high-fidelity power stage with 1 MHz update rate.

Tried and tested software

Engage the powerful HIL402 via industry leading software toolchain which is the hallmark of Typhoon HIL user friendly design.

1. Draw a converter power stage model in the Typhoon HIL schematic editor, press compile and run the model with a single click.

2. Verify the performance of your controller performance through a built-in deep memory mixed signal oscilloscope.

3. Execute test scenarios directly from the control center.

4. Automate the verification process with Python scripts.